Interview: Ryan Gothard

February 7, 2020

Ryan’s turn for question time!

The first game you remember watching?

Leeds United vs Manchester United (Leeds won).

The first team you played for?

Hamilton panthers.

How would you describe your play style?


Biggest achievement in football?

Winning the league multiple times.

Biggest disappointment in football?

Not making it pro.

Biggest influence on your football?

My dad I’d say.

Most talented player you’ve played with?

Got to be the Selby Pirlo!

Best memory at Selby Town?

Getting to the final of the West Riding County Cup.

What do you like most about the club?

I like that we’re all good mates and everyone gets on at the club.

Thoughts on the season so far?

I think this season is going really well. We’ve got the best squad we’ve ever had and it’s also the best chance we’ve ever had for promotion. Hope we all stick together.

Comments 2

  1. W. Fieldhouse

    For me, Ryan and Casey Stewart are 2 of the better & consistent players with the club.

  2. W. Fieldhouse

    At this time of the year, the challenge is to beat the other teams and the weather.

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