Interview: Josh Walker

February 13, 2020

It’s Josh turn for his eleven at eleven

The first game you remember watching?

Liverpool vs Portsmouth 2007, Liverpool won 4-1 

The first team you played for?

Swanland FC.

How would you describe your playing style?

Direct and creative.

Biggest achievement in football?

Playing in a national cup final.

Biggest disappointment in football?

Losing that final.

Biggest influence on your football?

Mainly my dad but got a very sport orientated family. 

Most talented player you’ve played with?

Brandon Fleming.

Most talented player you’ve played against?

Morgan Gibbs White.

Best memory at Selby Town?

Beating Wythensawe away in the FA Vase.

What do you like most about the club?

Great set of fans and volunteers. Crowds increasing each week which is class 

Thoughts on the season so far?

Seasons going well so far just need to keep going and make advantage of our games in hand. 

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