Interview: Dylan Parkin

February 13, 2020

First of all tell us a little bit about yourself.
From Sheffield, work for Rotherham United football club and support Sheffield Wednesday.

What clubs have you played for in the past?
Sheffield United, Chesterfield, Boston United, Sheffield FC, Cleethorpes town, Ossett Albion, AFC Mansfield and Parkgate.

What’s been what you’d describe as your best moment in football?
For me it would be the moment I came home and told my parents I’d finally got a pro contract.

What position do you play and have you always played in that position?
I’m a goalkeeper by trade and had a little go up front when I was younger but clearly didn’t work out!

How would you describe your style of football?
I’d say it’s fast tempo and solid the majority of the time.

What made you decide to sign for Selby Town?
Speaking with the Gaffer and the chairman made my decision for me and clearly the position we’re in is brilliant.

Have you played with any of the lads before?
I’ve played with Brett before at Mansfield this season. Recognise a few familiar faces from my academy days too.

What are your hopes for the season ahead?
Promotion and clean sheets, that’s what I’m here to achieve.

How important are the supporters when it comes to what you and the team do on the pitch?
Massive! First game I played there were nearly 400 fans there and it give you a massive motivation to go and play well and win the game.

Thanks Dylan and welcome to the club!

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  1. W. Fieldhouse

    Signs of a good keeper – just what ST needs.

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